How To Melt Crystallized Honey? ( Top 5 Best Ways in 2022)

Such an unusual product as honey surprises not only with its healing properties but also with the ability to change during storage. When choosing beekeeping products produced by bees, people are faced with an extensive range. Varieties differ in botanical origin and external features.

The fresh honey is liquid, transparent with an amber tint. It is easy to pour into a jar. If honey was collected a couple of months ago, then you can see that the honey has thickened as a result of crystallization. Does the quality of crystallized honey change? Is it possible to melt crystallized honey and how to do it at home for every beekeeper.

How To Melt Crystallized Honey

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why does honey crystallize?

Any sort of natural honey sometime after harvest will be crystallized. Crystallization is a natural and completely safe process that does not affect the quality and taste of bee honey. Only the appearance changes. Crystals form in the honey mass, which grows very quickly. Depending on their size, it is customary to distinguish between the fine-grained, coarse-grained, and fat-like structure of the honey.

Some varieties become thick in a couple of weeks, others remain liquid for several months. The duration of crystallization depends on many factors:

  • grade;
  • degree of maturity;
  • percentage of water content;
  • the ratio of glucose and fructose;
  • storage conditions;
  • the naturalness of the honey and the presence of impurities.

Despite the different terms, the process is inevitable and even desirable, since it only proves the naturalness of honey. The main reason for this phenomenon is oversaturation with sugars. As you know, any solution, in which any substance is present in excess, gradually reaches stability, while changing the state of aggregation. Honey, in which the specific gravity of carbohydrates is 80–90%, is one of such supersaturated foods.

Glucose precipitates into the crystals until the composition becomes saturated. Fructose accumulates on the surface in the form of a viscous mass similar to syrup. For this reason, the carbohydrate structure largely determines the rate and timing of crystallization. The more glucose, the faster the process.

is crystallized honey bad?

After crystallization, different varieties of honey have an unequal consistency, which is associated with differences in the size of the crystals. Some species acquire a delicate, homogeneous creamy texture. It is impossible to see individual crystals in the fat-like mass. In this form, honey looks beautiful on the table, it is pleasant to eat and does not need to be melted first.

Some varieties have a coarse-grained crystallization structure with clearly distinguishable grains. Not everyone likes to eat hard pieces of treats. From the point of view of aesthetics, it is better to melt crystallized honey and pour such honey into jars.

The need to liquefy honey also arises when it is used for culinary purposes. Recipes often indicate the amount of liquid honey. As you know, the mass of 1 spoonful of goodies in a liquid state differs from the mass of the same volume in a crystallized form. Some varieties, having crystallized, form a very solid mass that cannot be removed from the container, so to melt crystallized honey is also indispensable here.

For the manufacture of cosmetic folk remedies, both syrupy and crystallized honey with grains is suitable. The latter exfoliates the skin well. A liquid and slightly heated honey are more effective on hair and skin. Useful substances of warm honey quickly penetrate into the cells, accelerating recovery.

how to melt crystallized honey without losing useful properties?

To soften honey that has crystallized, it must be properly heated. At the same time, excessive heating (the temperature should not be higher than 40 ° C) and especially boiling should not be allowed, otherwise, all the benefits will disappear, and honey will turn into useless sweetness. It is also undesirable to put dishes with a delicacy on open fire since the heating should be uniform and moderate, and not intense.

You need to warm honey in glass, metal or enameled dishes. The use of plastic containers is not allowed, since during the heating process, honey reacts with plastic, resulting in the formation of harmful compounds.

When heating the honey, you should often and thoroughly mix the sweet mass so that the melted part combines with the thick one and does not overheat. The most suitable heating methods are described below. You can also watch the video.

melt crystallized honey with steam or water bath

The most famous way to melt crystallized honey is a water bath. A jar of honey is placed in a container of water, which is placed on the stove. To prevent overheating of the honey from the hot bottom of the pan, it is advisable to use a stand. The liquid is heated to a temperature of 55°C. It is necessary to carefully control the process, since the heating is intense.

If necessary, the pan is removed from the heat, and then the heating is repeated again. The time and number of repetitions of the procedure depends on the volume of honey. For example, half a liter will melt crystallized honey in 60 minutes, and it will take 2 times to heat the honey. Making a water bath is easy with a slow cooker.

Another way is a steam bath. For the procedure, one pot, a colander, water and a glass container with honey is enough. The use of a colander prevents overheating and loss of useful properties, since the dish with honey does not touch the boiling liquid and heats up evenly.

Pour water into a saucepan (the liquid level should not be too high), put on fire and bring to a boil. A colander is placed in it, in which a jar of honey is placed. The honey is now warm enough to melt crystallized honey.

melt crystallized honey In warm place

You can melt crystallized honey delicacy in a warm place: on the stove, under the sun, near the battery or near other heat sources. This method has its disadvantages: it requires a lot of time and constant monitoring. For uniform heating, the jar of honey must be rotated frequently. If you put the container to the hot battery and forget about it, then overheating of some of the honey is inevitable. Also, the method will not work if liquid honey is needed urgently, and there is no way to wait for melting for several hours.

melt crystallized honey In microwave

You can melt crystallized honey using a microwave, a small amount of honey can be melted in a matter of seconds, depending on the characteristics and capabilities of the kitchen appliance. The crystallized honey must be transferred to a suitable dish and sent to the microwave. Turn on the “Warming up” mode, set the power to no more than 600 watts. It usually takes 2-3 minutes for honey to become liquid again. After the time has elapsed, the container is removed and the melted delicacy is thoroughly mixed.

In oven

How to melt crystallized honey in the oven? The procedure is simple and quick, but it must be carried out carefully so that the honey does not lose its beneficial qualities as a result of overheating. Hardened honey is placed in a heat-resistant container and placed in the oven. The temperature adjustment knob is set to 40°C.

The duration of heating depends on the amount of honey and the technical characteristics of the oven. The melting honey is taken out several times and stirred.

melt crystallized honey with help of lemon

How to make honey liquid with lemon? This is simple, but not always advisable, because the result is a lemon-honey mixture with a specific taste, which not everyone likes and is not suitable everywhere. The lemon, along with the zest and seeds, is crushed with a grater, cut into pieces or slices. Fruit is mixed with thick honey, observing the proportions of 1 slice – 1 spoon of sweetness. Initially, this is difficult to do, but gradually the honey will begin to melt under the influence of citric acid.

Such funds are useful for the prevention and treatment of colds. They can be consumed neat or added to tea.

how do you decrystallize honey in a plastic bottle

If the honey is frozen in a plastic bottle, then it will be more difficult to warm it up without losing its beneficial properties. It is impossible to heat in a plastic container, so you need to try to remove the dessert, for example, by cutting the bottle. If the honey has hardened so much that all attempts are unsuccessful, you can lower the cut container into hot water. Part of the treat near the walls will melt crystallized honey, and it will come out easier.

What is the best container to store honey?

At home, it is better to store honey in small glass, ceramic, enameled or wooden liter containers. It is difficult to get hardened honey from a bulk container, for example, a three-liter jar, and it is pointless to heat a large amount. The melted honey is not stored for a long time, so it is recommended to heat as many delicacies as you can consume immediately. Plastic containers are also suitable for storage, but are not suitable for heating. It may be difficult to get thickened honey.