Bee Smoker: Parts, Work, Use, How to light, Best Fuel (Guide)

In the inventory of beekeepers, there is a huge amount of beekeeping tools necessary for the maintenance and care of bee colonies. A special place in this hierarchy belongs to the smoker – a tool with which the beekeeper fumigates bee colonies with smoke. The main goal is to calm the bees. Also, the smoker can be used to supply various medicines to the hive in the treatment of bee colonies.

How to light Bee Smoker

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Bee Smoker Works And Parts Of A Bee Smoker

Externally, the device for fumigating bees looks quite simple. Let’s take look at the Bee smoker works and parts.

parts of a bee smoker

parts of a bee smoker:

  • Double layer metal cylinder.
  • Cover with “proboscis”.
  • Element for supplying air to the furnace.

how does a bee smoker work?

The metal cylinder is a smoke generator, the lower part is closed by the bottom, the upper part has a hinged lid with an elongated “proboscis”, which is used to supply smoke to the required place. In the lower part of the cylinder there is a grid, which serves as a blower for the firebox, and also performs a protective role from the contact of the smoker filling with the bottom. Thanks to this, it can be safely installed in any place without fear of damaging the object or place on which it is installed.

When using a smoker to introduce drugs into the hive, a special cover with a long nozzle is provided.

Why Do Beekeepers Use Bee Smoker?

It is simply necessary for a novice beekeeper to use a smoker because only with its help it will be possible to cope with a raging hive, especially if this happens when pumping honey.

Smoke reduces bee aggression

During the bribe season, bee colonies are quite peaceful when viewed and do not attack just like that, so they can be safely examined, the main thing is not to disturb and not make sudden movements so that they do not attack. It is enough to give a couple of jets of smoke into the hive and the bees calm down. This is due to the fact that the bees are afraid of smoke, therefore, as soon as they smell it, they immediately begin to behave quietly.

At the moment the beekeeper gives smoke to the bees, they fill their goiter with honey, which makes them less aggressive because they lose the ability to bend. However, not always a stream of smoke saves the beekeeper from a bite. Much also depends on the correct filling of the smoker.

IMPORTANT! The smoke must not be acrid. This will only piss off the bees.

Best Fuel For Bee Smoker

Lighting a smoker is easier with dry wood chips and a piece of paper. As soon as they flare up, feel free to add fuel.

IMPORTANT! In a smoker, it is necessary to use fuel that can smolder for a long time and give a lot of smoke. It is strictly not necessary to fill it with pieces of fiberboard or chipboard harmful substances are released during combustion.

rotten tree sushi

Fresh wood is also inappropriate because the smoke will be too hot, sometimes even with a flame. It will only piss off the bees. Therefore, in order to melt the smoker, it is best to use pre-prepared sushi from a tree, it is also called rotten. Pay attention to dry stumps – they are better than nothing for refueling.

Dry tinder fungus

Dry tinder fungus is widely used to fill the smoker, which grows on trees in sufficient quantities. The advantage of using it is that it does not give off a flame, but smolders exactly as it is necessary to obtain the optimum temperature. It does not emit harmful and toxic substances for the health of bees, therefore it is ideal when used as fuel. The tinder fungus should be harvested in early spring.

Oak bark

Oak bark is also well suited for a smoker it does not burn, but smolders.

It is worth noting that fuel should be stored in sufficient quantities so that, if necessary, it is always at hand.

IMPORTANT! Don’t overuse smoke. To make the bees calm down, it is enough to make a couple of clicks and release two or three puffs of smoke. Once the bees fill their stomachs with honey, it becomes more difficult for them to bite the beekeeper. A lot of smoke can backfire and piss off the family. Keep the smoker away from the bees so as not to harm or burn them with hot smoke.

How To Light A Bee Smoker?

Keep the smoker clean. Regularly clean all parts from carbon deposits and resins. Keep it fueled or empty it’s up to you. Many beekeepers keep it refueled in order to quickly ignite it in unforeseen situations.

If the smoker is kept outdoors, it is not recommended to fill it in advance, since all the contents will be saturated with moisture and it will be impossible to ignite it. And such storage conditions will lead to rapid wear of the device.

IMPORTANT! Fuel economy when working with a smoker is achieved as follows: during a pause in work or when there is no need to use it, put it on its side – this will reduce draft, the smoker does not go out, but less fuel burns. If the device is held vertically, the thrust in this case is much stronger, so you need to put dry land more often.

It is possible to make this item of inventory with your own hands, although for this you need to have certain skills.

precautions using bee smoker

  • Do not ignite the smoker until a flame is formed, as this may cause a fire.
  • Use far away from bees.
  • After finishing work, let the device cool down, only after that it is allowed to bring bee inventory to the storage places. Outdoor storage is allowed during summer.
  • To avoid burns, keep away from children.
  • All work on adding fuel to a working smoker should be carried out with extreme caution.

Electric Bee Smoker

Recently, the electric smoker has been especially popular among beekeepers. Instead of fur, which is used to supply air for ignition, a fan is installed in an electric smoker. The number of revolutions is regulated using a special resistor. The motor is powered by batteries, which are placed near the handle.

The case of such a device is not much different from the usual one, but at the same time there are a number of features.

The hull is designed to use fuel. A grate is located in the combustion chamber, in its lower part there is a hole for collecting burnt ash. The upper part has a hole for loading fuel. The long nozzle is designed to direct the smoke to the right place.

During kindling, dry chips or waste from dry trees are used.

The advantage of an electric smoker is that the smoke is almost always cold. The only negative point is that after the fuel burns out when coals remain at the bottom, hot air can escape, but there will be no smoke. Agree, the smoker in this case is ineffective.

How to light an electric smoker?

First of all, you need to disconnect the ash collector. Use a match or a gas lighter to light a fire at the bottom of the combustion chamber. The plain paper will help in this. When the ash collector is removed, oxygen enters in the right amount, and the smoker will ignite faster. Otherwise, you can turn on the fan at low speed.

Mushroom tinder fungus the best filling for electric smoker.

As soon as the smoker flares up and smoke comes out, fill the loading container and close the lid. Place dry fuel in the ash collector and set it on fire. The fan should run at low speed. The operating time of such a smoker depends on the intensity of its use.

From the range that currently exists on the market, you can choose any model to suit your needs. The price of a smoker can be different, depending on the design and purpose. Electric or regular – the choice is yours.

You can even make your own smoker, spending some effort for this. However, experienced beekeepers still advise buying ready-made in the store, and you definitely need to have a spare, because different cases can happen in the apiary in the summer.